Extending the relationship.

Take a minute to think about all of the players, the processes, the details, the modifications that must be managed during the course of a construction project. Whether it’s communicating with people, tracking progress, managing documents, or troubleshooting issues, the architect is the client’s advocate. This may take the form of advancing or defending the client’s interests, or perhaps, offering constructive advice or alternate solutions. With so many moving parts, the existence of proven, trusted relationships fosters the setting for the most successful projects. At Belli, we create relationships across the industry, as a connector, supporter and advocate for others. Your success is our success.

Case Study

Arroyo Seco Academy


Challenge: The School District has grown and the current elementary schools are over impacted. This new elementary school will alleviate the crowded elementary schools and also allow for a district wide performing stage for elementary level arts and presentations. Cesar Chavez Elementary School was designed by Belli AG for the same school District and was requested to be duplicated as much as possible to become a 'sister school' to Arroyo Seco Academy.
Solution: Each project is site specific and a previous design will need to be modified to make the existing site work. Rethink school approach and frontage as well as rotate the classrooms 90 degrees.
Results: Improved upon an existing design delivering a school the community is proud of while staying within budget and time constraints. Filled the district's void for an elementary level performing art space.
Contractor: JTS Construction & Meehleis Modular Buildings
Case Study

Taylor Food Plant

Abbott Street, Salinas

Challenge: Maintain substantial investment in 70 year old food plant, and be the industry leader in production techniques and food safety, both within the confines of the seasonal growing season in the Salinas Valley.
Solution: Developed annual program to maximize the short off-season to make upgrades and repairs, including advance planning and prioritizing of projects.
Results: Yearly process creates a calculated and intentional review to determine how best to meet and exceed the latest industry practices and sustain the value of an existing facility.
Contractor: SSB Construction
Case Study

Rabobank Stadium


Challenge: Working with a non-profit entity, provide a new venue for high school football games and soccer matches to free up the Rodeo arena for better suited events, while respecting site limitations and the requirement to use some existing buildings.
Solution: Converted underutilized semi-pro baseball field to new a field in a semi-recessed bowl configuration, using donations and volunteer efforts.  Created a fly-through video presentation for fundraising efforts.  Guided numerous, complex project details through the end of construction and final permitting.
Results: A significant community asset, not only the home turf to two local high schools, also a flexible venue able to house a variety of functions and events that allows the main Rodeo arena to be used more often and effectively.
Contractor: Don Chapin Company
Case Study

Orradre Building

King City

Challenge: Renovate an aging multi-use event space to improve comfort, functionality and aesthetics without compromising durability and flexibility.
Solution: Carefully considered choice of materials with respect to budgetary priorities.  Designed a new ceiling to handle past sound complaints and greatly improve the space without the threat of damage by occupants. Acoustic, thermal comfort, sound, event power, lighting control were all considered to revolutionize the experience.
Results: An updated and upgraded event venue, prized by South County residents as a source of community pride and a primary location for community social events.