Collective insight

Where innovation is born.

While we all bring a unique experience and perspective, the collaborative principle extends to our team of professionals at Peartree + Belli Architects, where our staff works together to produce the most innovative ideas and designs through teamwork. We work hard to be good at what we do and have fun doing it.

Joy and imagination creates the driving force behind Lino’s pursuits. Community-building, sharing fine food and conversation with friends, and orchestrating his team’s enthusiastic energies are just a few of the things that motivate him. Interpreting your wildest dreams for the space that motivates you is another!

Lino Belli
AIA, Architect, LEED

The only thing preventing David from racing some classic machine across water, land, or sky every day of his life is the fact that he’d leave his favorite things behind — People, and the great satisfaction that he receives from serving them. In addition to his clients here at Peartree + Belli Architects, David has served local residents in the Monterey Bay area in his role as board chair of Ag Against Hunger.

David Peartree
AIA, Architect, LEED AP

Behind every great architect is another great… Belli! Whether she’s practicing management magic, corporate finance, or hiking Big Sur, Teri gives everything her all, with a smile every time; and sometimes a BBQ invitation to boot!

Teri Belli

Google “grace under pressure” and a photo of Cari will appear somewhere in page-one results: she simply doesn’t sweat the small stuff. No matter the deadline, or the most exacting demand, Cari’s innate sense for the effortless marriage of form and function drives everything she cooks, wears, and designs! Where does Cari sweat? YMCA bootcamp and volunteering as an organizer of the Salinas Valley Half Marathon!

Cari Cauley

Passionate about Family, Faith, Architecture, and Sports (“Go Lakers!!”) Ismael understands that there are two ways to “cheat” the normal human lifespan: travel to see how others live and are interpreting this human experience, and creating something worthy of leaving behind.

Ismael Magaña Jr.

Salvador knows a thing or two about work hard play hard. He looks forward to our office Kick Back Fridays where he gets to spend time getting to know the team outside of what their daily tasks are. On his free time he enjoys golfing and playing board games from Kickstarter as well as teaching kids to appreciate basketball through his volunteer work as a youth basketball referee and assistant coach.

Salvador Soto

At the office Sarah is eager to contribute and enjoys collaborating as a team; she also appreciates the way her coworkers always seem to be laughing and interacting with one another. When Sarah leaves at the end of the day she is most likely playing video games, watching old movies and raising bantam chickens. A little known fact about Sarah is that she used to model for local sculptor, and she is a pretty good shot with a bow.

Sarah Mazenko

Majority of days Garrett will tell you he enjoys coming to work because of the variety of jobs he partakes in, the opportunity to grow as a designer, and the close-knit team members we have here at Peartree + Belli Architects. When he is not working Garrett can be found spending time with his dog, cat, family, and friends, enjoying sports, travelling (which is probably why he would choose teleportation as his super power), or soaking up the sunshine at the beach. Garrett also volunteers his time with those in assistant living or senior homes. 

Garrett Jensen

When she’s done with her workday, you will find Nicole spending time baking, doing crafts, sewing or almost anything, if it means being creative and using her hands. Nicole contributes to the friendly and positive atmosphere at Peartree + Belli Architects, and she takes that same enthusiasm to the many 5K walks and fundraisers she participates in around Monterey County.

Nicole Taylan