David Peartree, AIA

David started with Peartree+Belli Architects in 2010, joined company founder Lino Belli as a principal in 2020, and became sole principal of the firm in 2022. The bulk of his architectural experience falls in the ag industrial and educational categories, but his 25-year background also spans nonprofit, commercial, multifamily, and single-family design and construction. A distinct desire for client satisfaction drives David’s work on every project. He is a big fan of lists and (over)communication, and he is not sure what makes him happiest: unlocking the “road map” hiding in every project, or experiencing the satisfaction that comes from successfully navigating it. David’s not the best at sitting still, so he spends his spare time in motion. Depending on the day, that might involve flying sailplanes, racing cars or sailing the Monterey Bay with his wife and son. He’s also been involved in local nonprofits dedicated to serving the community and fighting hunger.

Lino Belli, RA

Founder and Principal Emeritus
Lino founded Peartree+Belli and served as its managing principal from 1994 to 2020. The ambitious vision and engaging core values outlined by this second-generation architect have steered the firm through three decades of success. During his tenure, Lino modeled the importance of community engagement and service. By dedicating countless volunteer hours to local service clubs and organizations, he continues making the Salinas Valley a better place to live and work. Though Lino has retired from day-to-day company involvement, he generously shares his 45 years of architectural experience with the team. Of course, that sharing happens when he’s not out on some well-earned adventures. Lino especially enjoys making wine and discovering new corners of Europe with his wife, Teri.

Ismael Magaña, AIA

Senior Project Manager
Ismael, a Central Coast native, is a true powerhouse. Building on 15 years of experience, he approaches each Peartree+Belli project with passion — whether he is bringing big-picture concepts to life or pushing hard to wrap up that final, impeccable detail. Ismael has an unwavering enthusiasm for his work, our clients, and his fellow team members, and he inspires us daily. Ismael proudly treasures time with his wife and three daughters. They often spend that time together in the dream home that he recently designed and built.

Cari Cauley

Senior Project Manager
Cari came to Peartree+Belli right out of college in 2010, and she climbed the ranks swiftly. These days, as a manager of projects large and small, Cari is equally comfortable presenting master plan concepts to public audiences and rolling up her sleeves on job site visits. Cari is friendly and patient, and every member of our firm values her positive attitude. In their spare time, Cari and her husband, Matthew, enjoy cooking meals for friends, tasting wine on the Central Coast, and taking their Jeep out on backroad excursions. Their trusty dog, Dally, joins them on nearly every adventure.

Olivia Domoto

Senior Project Manager
Olivia gained more than two decades of experience in California’s Central Valley, focusing on the production, approval and administration of architectural projects mostly in the realm of public-school construction. That thorough understanding of processes and procedures is a key asset for Peartree+Belli’s school district clients here in the Salinas Valley, and Olivia’s broad expertise also benefits our private sector clients. Olivia spends much of her free time with friends and family, including her husband and co-worker, Jason. She and her two kids are big fans of the Happiest Place on Earth and joyfully engage in all things Disney.

Jason Domoto

Senior Project Manager
Like his wife and co-worker, Olivia, Jason also comes to Peartree+Belli from the Central Valley. His extensive track record of successful school and large-scale commercial projects dates to 1998, when he started working in this field. Along the way, Jason has built a reputation as a true ally who is as committed to project success as his clients are. Always fair-minded and a genuine mentor to his teammates, Jason exemplifies the term “team player.” Jason’s favorite post-work activities include connecting with friends and family, and that’s especially true of his three grown daughters. He also enjoys playing a hand or two of poker and dropping a fishing line in the water with friends.

Joseph Napdo

Project Manager
Joseph joined Peartree+Belli during the pandemic, starting as a remote team member in Southern California before transitioning to in-person work in 2021. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, he is both a talented designer and an adept developer of production documents. We especially appreciate Joseph’s calm, patient nature in the office. His focus helps anchor and balance our team on even the busiest days. Joseph and his wife, Emily, recently welcomed their first child, and we’re proud to count little Apolonio as part of the Peartree+Belli family. The three of them enjoy all aspects of life on the California coast, including exploring scenic bike trails and visiting local restaurants.

Ying Pan

Ying is a dynamo who brings positive energy to the Peartree+Belli office. She started here as an intern between earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and she has continued to grow her career with us. Currently, Ying is working to secure her architect’s license. Whether she is developing impressive 3D renderings of upcoming projects or managing the development of construction document packages, she works efficiently and effectively. When the workday is done, Ying likes to stay active. Often, she’ll hike the local Central Coast hills or head out for a skateboarding session.

Alfonso Tapia

Senior CAD Drafter
Alfonso started with Peartree+Belli during the pandemic and quickly became a valued production specialist who works on a wide range of client projects. He has extensive experience in both 2D and 3D platforms, which makes him an indispensable resource throughout the planning and production process. Alfonso’s commitment to quality starts with a strong work ethic and unwavering attention to detail. When he is not at work, Alfonso focuses on family. He and his wife enjoy adventures with their son and keep close relationships with their extended family members.

Alberto Rosas

Senior CAD Drafter
Alberto hails from Mexico City. He braved a new land and embraced an unfamiliar culture to join us, and he has quickly made an impact with the Peartree+Belli team. Alberto brings a fresh design approach to the table, and his take on production techniques has truly strengthened our practice. Although he is a gifted building information modeling (BIM) specialist, Alberto resists being pigeonholed. His solid design and development skills enhance both our master planning activities and our building projects. In his free time, Alberto is an explorer in his own backyard. He spends his weekends discovering all the benefits of living on California’s scenic Central Coast.

Thomas Medrano

Thomas came to Peartree+Belli right out of college. In his first few years on the team, he has continually impressed us with his perspective and dedication to learning his craft. Thomas has a valuable knack for asking the right questions at the right time, and that’s made him indispensable in the development and administration of projects. Though he is incredibly focused on his work, Thomas has a quiet, easygoing demeanor that makes him a terrific team member. Thomas is married and happily spends his off-hours with his son. He’s also a car enthusiast with a special fondness for all things BMW.

Mary Tsuboi

Office Manager
Mary owned a successful family business before becoming Peartree+Belli’s office manager. She brings invaluable communication skills and a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities that shape a small company like ours. Mary masterfully handles behind-the-scenes business and administrative functions, so that our designers, drafters and project managers can focus on providing excellent client service. She works this magic while also supporting and encouraging our entire team. Mary is a proud grandmother to three grandchildren. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with them and with and her husband, Fred.